Join us for the Quantum Internet Hackathon! 1-2 December, in 5 locations & online!

RIPE NCC is co-organising a Quantum Internet Hackathon, simultaneously in five nodes, on 1-2 December 2022.

Join us in Amsterdam, Dublin, Poznan, Sarajevo - and online!

Apply here:

(we also have a node a Padua, but that location is already full!)

Top-3 Goals of this event:

  • Sharing existing software and protocols for the Quantum Internet
  • Producing tools & documentation, or learning/interaction materials
  • Forging connections between participants and between nodes

Partner organisations: PSNC, GÉANT, SURF, Trinity College Dublin, QuTech (Delft), University of Padova, Maynooth University, University of Sarajevo, RIPE NCC

Find out more on RIPE Labs:

Vesna Manojlovic

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Senior Community Builder, RIPE NCC
Vesna Manojlovic | RIPE Labs

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