Diversity in Tech follow-up from RIPE86 conference

Not sure where and how the notes from yesterday will be presented *(guess in the not-super-active mailing-list format as official channel), but if someone wants to add ideas here (my favorite mode of topical-centered communication) I would love to interact here.

Maybe as separate posts like this?

@jcosic @BECHA could you also invite people herein your emails/chats/…?

One thing I want to check with all of you - during the session one commenter mentioned that not all young people are in academia. Understanding that that’s the case, could anyone here maybe suggest how we can reach them? Our outreach to university students is usually though professors and researchers, but I’d appreciate suggestions how to specifically target young people in companies.

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I think attending and sponsoring events that are somewhat related and have diverse crowds like hackathons, meetups, (job) fairs, coding sprints, camps, tech-media culture events…but also maybe online events and forums would make sense IMHO.

Is RIPE doing anything with/for CCC?

RIPE NCC’s two (ongoing) activities to attract & facilitate attendance by younger & more “diverse” participants are:

Both calls for applications for RIPE87 are now open, until 11th September.

We are looking for candidates from RIPE NCC Service Region only!

Please apply, and do share on other channels…


At the upcoming RIPE87 there will be a great The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion session


Thursday, 30 November 18:00 – 19:00 (UTC+1)

  • Gergana Petrova, RIPE NCC – Diversity at RIPE Meetings
  • Valerie Aurora, Frame Shift Consulting – Giving credit accurately improves diversity
  • Mannat Kaur, MPI-INF and TU Delft – Care in and for System Administration Work

You can follow live on https://www.youtube.com/@RIPENCC/streams , gratis by registering for online participation, or in one of the 6 Local Hubs!


Hope to see you there! Vesna