Athens in April: SEE-12, GRNOG, EARN & more!

We are happy to invite you to South East Europe Regional Meeting, 22-23 April 2024 in Athens!

Participation is free/gratis: please register here

You can submit a talk at

In addition to our own event, there is also GRNOG & EARN & a “roundtable” meeting : fid out more in this news announcement:

Looking forward to SEE-12 you there! (he he, pun intended… :wink: )

If you have any tips for what to do in Athens, or what are specific issues about Internet in Greece, or you can recommend a speaker: do share it all here!

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Update on 29. February: we have several talks announced, in the draft agenda:

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I will keep on replying to myself, until the morale improves :wink:

New, updated agenda was published few days ago:

Please find out the presentations announced, this might inspire you to join us in Athens!

I will travel to SEE-12 by train: Amsterdam-Basel-Milan-Ancona then ferry to Patras , then train again to Athens… & back over Croatia & Austria…

What are your adventures on the way to Athens?

Cool. Would you mind sharing info on free wifi access on trains? I will tune in online if possible but plan to visit Greece finnaly in June.

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