Insights Galore - The RIPE NCC Survey 2023

The results of the RIPE NCC Survey 2023 are in! We received 3,899 responses on topics ranging from RIPE NCC strategy and governance, service delivery, importance of services, IPv6 and RPKI deployment, the RIPE Database, Internet governance, measurement tools, and much much more. There’s a lot to digest in there!

Read the RIPE NCC Survey 2023 Report

Read the report and let us know what the key takeaways are for you. Which results are surprising? And does any of it make you think the community or the RIPE NCC needs to change its approach?

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It would be nice to have data open and available also in the database form so that one can query across multiple criteria at the same time.

Hi Z. I agree it would but even we at the NCC can’t do that. Survey Matters is very careful about guaranteeing anonymity and is wary of allowing us to cross-filter without limits in case we can narrow down results to a person or organisation. And the benefit of that is I think that we get a lot of responses where people can give their opinions freely.

However, and here’s where you and everyone else can help: What criteria would you like to see cross-referenced? And what results do you see that are interesting? I can talk to the survey company to see if they can provide extra information if it gives value.

That is understandable but can be addressed by grouping low numbers together (like for my region collect all SEE results).

As non-technical person I would be curious of cross-sections of education/policy work against language groups…but do not bother doing that if that is the only request you get.

Yes indeed. That was the approach they took for the report. I’ll see what’s possible. And also for the second one which I agree could be interesting to look at.

I’ll keep track of all requests like this, so if you have further thoughts (same for all) please let me know here.

The cosmic waves of the RIPE NCC Survey 2023 have made landfall, bringing with them a payload of 3,899 responses, spanning the vast galaxies of RIPE NCC strategy, IPv6 constellations, and the nebulous realms of Internet governance. The Survey Report 56 awaits, a celestial atlas rich with insights into the community’s cosmic musings.