Today: Pasteis Interest Group (PIG-WG)

The Pasteis Interest Group (PIG-WG) will be in the #RIPE85 “Side Room” - the large meeting room on the other side of the lobby during the afternoon coffee break 16:00 hrs today.

Only 30 Pastel de Nata so 1st come 1st served as a gift from me.

Shame on you that I’m not there :wink: Have fun!

Fair comment in the RIPE 85 Daily Blog. Where’s the policy proposal?!!

“The Pasteis Interest Group (PIG-WG) took place once again, where people queued up to have one of the 30 Pastel de Nata on offer. We have yet to see a policy proposal from this WG.”


Any policy proposal should include a provision such that any Pastéis have controlled denomination of origin, and are exclusively delivered from Lisbon. Everything else is counterfeit. :wink:

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I think the first policy proposal should be to change the name from The Pasteis Interest Group (PIG-WG) to the The Pastéis Interest Group (PIG-WG).

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