Wikipedia/Wikimedia enthusiasts/informed/experts in RIPE Community

I would like to connect to Wikipedia/Wikimedia enthusiasts/informed/experts in RIPE Community as I start planning activity in this direction. Please get in touch and we try to connect in some way all together or at least individually.

I am considering to propose BoF past-future Wikipedia enthusiast meet at RIPE86, if any 2 other people confirm interest in it.

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Good idea! RiPE87 if it does not happen ?

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good idea!! why this is not happening?

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Unfortunately @des is out on another conference this morning already,
but we will likely a better chance at connecting to others with more advance notice.
Meanwhile I started doing few tweaks RIPE NCC: Difference between revisions - Wikipedia
and new entries RIPE86 - Wikidata

…adding info and photos for some folx

Update: For the sake of Wikimedian transpareny, I submitted a Community project proposal for doing Wikimedian-in-Residency work *(most simple info) and setting it up ideally as sustainable model for RIPE NCC in future.

@des What would be the process to have it at RiPE87 or RiPE88?

I would think Wikimedia table stand and-or clinic could be good formats. I could also likely get at least one Italian Wikimedian to join on site, but they would need to have free access as press or something similar… who is managing press at RiPE87?

Sidenote: @Ulka could you please categorize and tag this post for me into RiPE Meeting87 as I can no longer edit my first post.