Running at RIPE 85 - bring your shoes?

Hi all,

I intend to go for a run every other morning, because … it’s one of the best ways to start the day refreshed! And a great way to do some quick site-seeing :slight_smile:

I’m aiming for 30 minutes / 5 kilometers, or whatever pace the group feels comfortable with.

Are others interested to join for a run?

Kind regards,


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Great idea! I will join on Tuesday and Wednesday! 30min/5km is perfect to start the day!

Best regards,

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I’d join too :slight_smile: When and where to meet?

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Let’s gather & start Tuesday (tomorrow) 07:30 in front of the Metropol

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I’ll join as well, see you tomorrow!

That was a great start of the morning :slight_smile:


So sad I couldn’t join but my bed suddenly grabbed me when I wanted to go up and I had to fight it… When I finally won, it was too late…
Looks like it was a really nice run :slight_smile:
Tomorrow same time/place?