Dataviz - RIPE Meeting Attendance

We’ve been working on coming up with better visualisations of our data sets and here’s one I came up with. It shows the attendance from our LIRs to that joined each year to all the RIPE Meetings in the last decade. Is this interesting for you? What does it tell you? Would you visualise it differently? I’m all ears!


Thanks for this, Ilke. This is useful (and pretty :-)). I am especially intrigued by your note about a number of newbies not coming back. I would love to find out some more about that. Do we have more data? Do we know if most newcomers come from the city or country the RIPE Meeting is taking place in? Do we need to gather more feedback from newcomers to find out what we could do to make them come back? As a community I believe we all can help to make sure newcomers feel welcome and included.

Thanks Mirjam! Yes, we do have more data on the points you mentioned. As expected, the meeting attracts more people from the country it is held in compared to the other meetings. This holds true for newbies too! But the biggest reason for the peak of newbies is probably the vouchers they get for the RIPE Meeting. The first one is free :slight_smile: But if they wish to join again they have to pay the fee, which results in a drop in attendance. So I think it’s more about the cost of attending than feeling welcome, especially for the members who joined only once.

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