Redesign Survey

Hi everyone,

We’re embarking on a project to redesign as it’s high time that it was given a fresh coat of paint. Our last redesign took place in 2015. Your feedback will help us identify issues that need to be resolved and areas of improvement.

We would appreciate if you were to complete this short survey. It will only take about 5 minutes of your time, and is really valuable to us.

You can choose to submit your answers anonymously. If you choose to share your name and email with us, we will only use your contact information in case we have any follow up questions based on your feedback.

Thank you!


My favourite piece of feedback I’ve seen so far:

The best thing is that everything is retained so I can find all sorts of information from back in the 1990s; however, this is also the worst thing about the website.

More feedback via the survey would be appreciated…

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Thanks for sharing the link to the survey for the website redesign or It’s great to see that you are seeking feedback from the community to identify areas of improvement and resolve any issues. Redesigning a website can be a significant undertaking, and gathering input from users is crucial for a successful outcome. I encourage anyone who is familiar with the website to participate in the survey and provide their valuable feedback. By sharing your thoughts, you can contribute to shaping a more user-friendly and engaging online presence for

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Good that you ask for inputs, but maybe you should consider also qualitative freeform input that is not so structured and limited as forms.

Yes, Collecting qualitative freeform input is indeed valuable and can provide deeper insights and perspectives that may not be captured through structured forms alone. While the survey mentioned earlier may focus on specific area of improvement and utilize structured questions.

Hello. The form is a streamlined input source for easier processing and all the usual reasons. However this forum space is also closely monitored and I’d like to encourage anyone with any kind of qualitative freeform feedback to share it in here and it will be collected and processed.


Hi Ricky,
You’re right, and we agree with you. That’s why we asked people to fill in the survey.
We have engaged a web design company and we’ve just kicked off the project. We’re hoping to have most of the work done by the end of this year.

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