Ripe ATLAS Anchor install on LXC with QEMU


We’ve just finish install of one anchor who run as a LXC QEMU VM (to permit virtualization inside the Anchor…) . My first attempt was with an LXC Container with same CentOS version and adding manualy the SSH key. The process of the anchor of the first attempt has never finish (waiting for ripe to install…) Now I have done it on pure QEMU VM, with original ISO install, how can I restart validation process ?


Nicolas F.

Hello Nicolas!

the anchor is correctly registered, no need to take any action.
I have noticed that you have reinstalled the anchor. Thanks for this.
We can now follow-up with the deployment via ticketing system.

About your first attempt with an LXC Container, I sent an email on November 21st to the address you used for the registration but I haven’t got any reply.
I was informing you that we are unable to deploy “containerised” Atlas anchors and I was suggesting to install the anchor on a VM instead, which is what you have eventually done.

Thanks for joining RIPE Atlas!
Marco Giuliani

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