VM Anchor OS upgrade plans?


The docs page at RIPE Atlas docs | Installing a Virtual Machine Anchor | Docs still says the following:

OS requirements (for installing Linux on VM)
* A CentOS 7 installation - minimal image (CentOS 8 is not supported)

CentOS 7 will be out of security updates in a month (end of 6/2024). Are there plans for moving the VM Anchors to a newer underlying OS, such as AlmaLInux 9?


-Yenya (a provider of one VM-based anchor)

Hi Yenya,

Thank you very much for hosting a RIPE Atlas Anchor on your infrastructure, and for your question about its operating system. We are currently working on the procedure to upgrade our fleet of anchors to Oracle Enterprise Linux 9. Since this also needs some work in the Atlas software package we install on our anchors, there’s quite some steps involved. We’re hoping to have this work completed later this month so we can upgrade all anchors before CentOS 7 is end-of-life.

We will also update the documentation for new Anchor hosts once everything is in place.

Johan ter Beest
on behalf of Paul de Weerd

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@jterbeest - thanks for your reply!


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Just to add to the urgency of the topic, I just received an info from sec team about detected vulnerability of my instance of RIPE Anchor.
[Spring Framework Spring4Shell (CVE-2022-22965)<!-- --> | Tenable®] (Spring Framework Spring4Shell (CVE-2022-22965)<!-- --> | Tenable®)


Java does not run on anchors. Unfortunately, some security scanners flag anchors with this false positive. If your security team has concerns, they can send a ticket to atlas@ripe.net and we’ll do our best to put their minds at ease.


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