New RIPE Atlas coverage and statistics page

Hi Atlas Friends,

As part of our continuing improvements to the Atlas UI, we have just pushed a major reworking of the coverage and statistics page. Among the improvements:

  • Cleaner, simpler interface
  • Vastly improved loading time
  • Single map integrates layer toggles for connected, disconnected and percent coverage
  • Top ASNs / Prefixes / Countries section are now clickable pie charts allowing you to see items in relation to each other or the entirety
  • Reworked line charts for users, probes, anchors
  • As with other Atlas improvements, this is now completely client side (except for the API getting data)

You can find the new page at

Hope you enjoy, please let us know what you think.


The improvements sound fantastic, especially the cleaner interface and improved loading time. It’s great to hear that the page is now completely client-side, which should enhance the user experience significantly.