New Atlas UI launched!

Hello Atlas community,

We are very happy to announce that after months of development and testing, we are today launching major changes to the Atlas UI:

  • NEW: Simplified navigation
  • NEW: About pages for Atlas moved to RIPE Atlas — RIPE Network Coordination Centre
  • NEW: Dashboard
    • All Users: Quick Start, News Flash, QuickLook Measurement, Credits, My Measurements, Messages, API Keys, Quotas
    • Probe Hosts: My Probes
    • Anchor Hosts: My Anchors
    • RIPE NCC Members: Monthly Credits Claim
    • Ambassadors: Probe Management, Events
  • NEW: System status indicator on dashboard and table in Statistics
  • NEW: Measurement detail pages
    • Overview, Results, Details and Manage tabs
    • Ability to add or remove probes from a measurement
    • Participation requests
    • Improved map overview with summary insights
    • Standalone pages for TraceMON and LatencyMON
  • NEW: Preferences page
  • NEW: Feedback page

You can find the full list of changes in the release notes: RIPE Atlas docs | NEW UI Rollout | Docs

We hope you find these changes useful and we welcome your feedback. We will be demoing and discussing these in detail at the upcoming RIPE meeting as well.

Kind regards,
Atlas UI