RIPE Atlas network coverage


We’ve developed a visualisation showing the coverage of RIPE Atlas among end-user networks (here’s how it looks like in the RIPE region). Each ring is a country, and each segment of the ring represents a network - the larger the segment, the larger the network is in terms of internet users (data from APNIC). Dark segments indicate networks already covered by Atlas probes, light segments networks that are not (yet).

We hope that by interacting with this visualisation, users will get a quick view of which end-user networks are most in need of probes. Keep in mind this is just one dimension to keep track of when advocating for better representation of the Internet. Can you spot a gap where you could help, by either hosting a probe yourself or encouraging someone to do so? Apply here for an Atlas probe.

I’m really interested in knowing what you think about the visualisation, and encourage you to use the interactive version we have in our space in Observable (where you can perform customisations and see a lot more of information about the different networks). Please give it a try and let us know through the comments in this thread what’s your thoughts on it.