New RIPE Atlas app - Beta UI feedback

Hello Atlas fans,

For quite some time we have been working towards a plan to separate Atlas into three distinct components:

  1. The Atlas “app”

  2. The Atlas promotional pages

  3. The Atlas (technical) documentation

The idea with this scheme was to make each more useful on their own, and not to get in the way of or confuse the others, because they each serve different purposes. This structure has been applied over several apps and services at RIPE NCC, and has been something that many teams have slowly been working towards over the past few years.

The Atlas technical documentation has been in production for quite some time now (and you can check it out at RIPE Atlas docs | RIPE Atlas Documentation | Docs). And the promotional pages are being worked on and will hopefully roll out in the new year. That leaves the app.

By Atlas “app”, we mean a simplified interface for interacting with the main functions of Atlas. This includes measurements, probes, anchors, credits as well as some stats. We are starting to build this simplified interface, and there is an early beta that we are releasing that we would very much like your feedback on as we develop it.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. A much simplified menu structure that hopefully makes it easy to find what you need

  2. A personalised dashboard that will show you cards of information related to you and your role(s).

  3. On the dashboard will also be some utilities that we are developing, the first of which is an early quicklook measurement tool. You enter your target and will see a live-streamed map of responses as they arrive.

  4. For those of you with the Ambassador role, the dashboard contains a card that will allow you to manage the probes you have given out, and message hosts.

  5. The app aims to be fully client side at launch. Many of our recent page changes on the production site have been with this in mind, and they are at the forefront of the beta interface

  6. Although not yet active, there will soon be a personal preferences page that you can use to configure several aspects of the interface to your liking

We are very early days here (and there will definitely be bugs), but we wanted to release this beta to the public to start a conversation about what the Atlas app can and should be. Many things will change on the site over the coming weeks, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to make this better and more useful to you. If possible please provide your feedback here in this forum post created specifically for this purpose.

You can visit the beta at




PS here is a screenshot :slight_smile: