New measurement form (beta)

This thread will collect feedback for the new measurement form currently in beta (which can be found at

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Definitely a better design, especially the probe selection is way clearer this way.

Also cost layout is nice.

I believe the idea was to put more emphasis on the tags, is that no longer the case (because they are perhaps a bit more hidden now)


Love the new design, less clutter and I think it is a good idea to not show all advanced options from the beginning.

Some feedback from me after a quick glance:


  • The tooltip for “Spread” should probably mention the unit of the value (seconds)
  • For HTTP measurements, a tooltip for “Extended Timing” and “More Extended Timing” would be nice

Probe Selection

  • Random by: Love the dropdown for tags, but maybe should be sorted alphabetically?


  • Mention that the specified times are in UTC

Nice work!


Hi Bart,

Thanks for the feedback. Are you talking about the global tags applied to the probe selection (currently available in “Random by…” selection) or your personal tags that can be added to any of the definitions? If the former, are you saying your preference would be to be able to add these global tags in more places (for instance, from the search map)? Or am I misunderstanding?

Thanks again!

Hi Malte,

Great suggestions, I have added/fixed all of them in our dev build, and will roll out these changes to production beta soon. Thanks for the feedback!


Hi, I’m talking about the personal tags.
I had an atlas workshop at my university and they were pushing personal tags a little bit because it was barely used.

Hi, on this form we’re in the context of tagging measurements (as opposed to probes). We consider that a useful feature for the community at large if used, so the form supports it.

Hi Bart,

Thanks for clarifying. One of the main goals for the new form was to simplify as much as possible the creation of measurements, and that has meant hiding more advanced fields (including tags) under the more options button. Personal tags can indeed be very powerful, but they are somewhat of an advanced configuration. I will talk with the team and see if there is a way to make them more prominent without compromising simplicity in the form. Thanks again for the feedback!


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I like the format, I find it very practical, if it could be possible later to save or consult a repository of other searches it would be interesting, thank you very much.

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