Voter Turnout at the May General Meeting

The RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2023 is nearly upon us, and with ten days to go, we have more people registered already than we had in total for the October GM. The viz below shows members registered and total number of eligible voting members.

We could be looking at a record turnout for this GM. Why? We have four Charging Scheme options for members to vote on, and we have a Board election with eight candidates. Member fees and elections have always been the two biggest drivers of voter turnout at our GMs.

Yesterday we mailed all member contacts with the link to register their votes for the GM. So check your inbox, get registered and let’s see how many of the people in the visualisation we can turn blue by 24 May!


The RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2020 had 3500+ registered and 3100 or so voting, I believe, but certainly higher amount of registered compared to the past two years.

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Hi Kajtzu. Yes indeed! May 2020 is the one I’m looking at too. I have a graph that tracks people registered (rather than votes) and it’s tracking pretty close to 2020 at the moment. Next week once people are attending the RIPE Meeting the numbers should jump pretty sharply again.