Traceroute - showing results for FAILED / not-reached targets?

I have a need to use the probes to show last hop of traceroutes that failed. Currently it seems it only shows results when there had been a successful traceroute to the final end point.

How do I see traceroutes that breaks and doesn’t reach the end point?

Perhaps I am misunderstanding you, but there is currently a column in the measurement details pages (results tab) that shows the success or failure for traceroutes, and further you can examine these failed traceroutes in detail by clicking on the info icon in the traceroute column. Does this solve your query?

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Atlas UI

hmm… okay, you are right. I was too quick, as the failure/problem traceroutes eventually (just taking a long time) populated. The way it looked like during that time, was to not show and just report “failure”, which made me think it was not showing negative/problem results

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