Telecom market trends in the South East Europe

Hi all!

I’m preparing a talk about market development in the telecommunications sector for the upcoming SEE 11 meeting in Split. I’ll touch upon the trends of market consolidation and its effects on the industry.

Are you from the region and work in the telecom industry? Let us know if there is anything in particular that you think should be covered in the discussion.

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In general we are seeing a trend towards consolidation, which has negative effects on investment in infra as well as prices for end consumers.

Here’s an article on the situation in Bulgaria (Thanks Jelena for sharing it):

Do you have any good pieces from your own country (or any other)?

PS: We recently published a country report on Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania:

In 2020 we published a country report on the Western Balkans:


Hi @jcosic! Do you have the talk published somewhere?

The recording is available as part of the SEE 11 video archive - I’ve linked it here: SEE 11 Video Archive

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Not from telecoms, but just a user here…it would be awesome if existence and work of regulatory bodies, as well as customer protection ‘evolution’ is covered in case there would be follow-ups. I know it is less sexy then talking tech advancement, but there is fair amount of work to be done in this particular field also. Maybe this should be researched with some legal expert also? Maybe the topic of diversity of network operators and comparison of their products should be addressed?

I wasn’t too interested in tech advancements either, to be honest. Evolution of regulatory bodies and their practices in Balkans is easy if you only focus on what is being promised. But more tricky if you look into what is actually being delivered. We tried to discuss the effects of the market consolidation, something that would definitely affect the “diversity” of services that customers get offered. This type of research can be quite complex - that I’m sure of. Not sure if NCC has the resources or the mandate for that.

Understandable. Think this needs to be more publicly researched and discussed.
I agree that critical work is much harder then doing copies of PR :frowning:

I’m preparing for an upcoming discussion at an event, I’m delving into the intriguing realm of IP address management and its evolving role in our digital landscape. While I’m not an expert in the field, I’m eager to learn from those of you who have hands-on experience and insights. Specifically, I’ll be touching upon the challenges and opportunities posed by IPv6 adoption, especially in the context of network expansion and address allocation.

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Interesting but not informative. Maybe you should introduce yourself and event context if you want to get support for the discussion - no?

I’ve noticed intermittent connectivity issues, dropped calls, and slower-than-usual data speeds. This has left me perplexed and slightly frustrated, especially considering the advancements in the telecommunications sector. As a user, I’m eager to understand the root cause of these disruptions and explore potential solutions.