Dataviz - IPv6 Capability in Greece

We’re preparing for the SEE Meeting in April and we’re playing around with some interesting visualisations! This one is based on IPv6 Measurement Maps from APNIC and shows the IPv6 capability in Greece.
Each slice corresponds to an AS, the size representing the users on the AS. The inner pie shows how IPv6 capable the AS is. You can see which organisation controls that AS and the owner company of those organisations on the labels.
The data is from early January. Let me know what you think!


This is very cool. I was only just today looking for something exactly like this for .ie

Any chance you’d care to run the visualisation against Ireland also?

  • Mick
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Glad to hear its interesting for you! Here it is for Ireland, again with the data from early January.


Very cool indeed (the fact that this information is available in this form). A lot LESS cool that the figures are so dreadfully low and could all be so much more improved if Three, BT Ireland and Vodafone stepped up to the plate in regards provision of IPv6 connectivity for their customers.

The little sliver of unmarked green in the inner quadrant I assume means there’s an IPv6 only provider out there somewhere - is this a correct assumption or what does this represent?

FWIW, I’ve just tweeted about this here - Step Up Irish Service Providers

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Thanks for sharing! And I agree, it’d be great if those big players did that.

That thin green slice is from AS15751 of Meteor Mobile, who currently seems to have 57% IPv6 capability. So it’s not an IPv6 only provider, but over half of its users are IPv6 enabled. What I find interesting is that Meteor is also owned by eir :slight_smile:

Great insight @iilhan thank you so much and yes Meteor is an eir company. I wasn’t actually aware they were operating their network (or parts thereof) with a different AS. I wrongly assumed they all sat behind 5466.

Thanks again!

  • Mick

Thanks for your interest! It’s really good to see the discussions the viz brings about.

Nice visualization!

We’ll go hunting for the missing 18% in OTE :wink:

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Great to hear that :slight_smile: