Software probes used for testing

Hello, I have seen quickly in the documentation, if I am not wrong, at the moment there is no reference to this topic, I am commenting it in case the information escapes me.

It seems to me that to carry out tests when we are starting with the probes, for whatever reason, we may not even have hardware to be able to carry out tests (individual or group), the software probe option is ideal for these cases, I have made a step to step using GNS3 in case it can help GitHub - geryescalier/ripeatlas: Ripe Atlas

At the end of the tests, for whatever reason, we will not use the probes, since they were created for testing purposes, what would be recommended in this case?:

  1. Delete the probe by software from the account of the user who created it.
  2. Keep them without activity until the next use, with a label indicating that they are for testing.
  3. Others.

Option 1, it is better to delete them and create a new one when required.
Option 2, if it is required for frequent tests, have them paused but identified as being for testing (I don’t know if there is any option for this, maybe there is a label?)
Option 3, other options that you are not considering, welcome all related comments.

Any help is greatly appreciated to be clear about this point of good use of software probes.