Eliminate old Probes

Hi, some time ago I connected my Turris Omnia, via software, to the Ripe Atlas project. Now I’ve done it again, but the two old connections made with an account that no longer exists still appear to be open. So I keep getting emails warning me that the Probes are not connected. Is there any way for administrators to delete them? So that I no longer receive related emails? If yes I can give in tried the email address associated with those old Probes. Thank you.

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We are going to add a feature to let the host “write off” their own probe if they know it’s not coming back any more - also because this is a signal to us to stop nagging when the probe is down :wink:

Deleting probes from the system is not a feature, because they participate(s) in (historic) measurements and this metadata would otherwise be lost. But the above solution is also meant to help in “disowning” them.


Facing a same problem but i apply this solution on my problem now its working great.

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Hello, in the documentation, is there currently a how-to, on this topic?
I have 2 probes that were duplicated and I just have them hidden.
If there is documentation on how to do it, it would help me to do it quickly.
If it doesn’t currently exist, can I document it, where should I upload that information?
Would it be interesting to have a wiki so that the community can contribute? I don’t know how feasible this is now.


Documentation for writing off your probe can be found here:

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much @jterbeest I check it out!