Probe return policy?

During my end of the year cleaning I found an old atlas probe (mr3020). Was not connected for over a year now. I would like to give it back (or to somebody who actually uses it).

I know there is a “transfer ownership” button on the website. Is there anything I should pay attention to before giving the device to a total stranger? :wink:

If you transfer your probe via that function, then the new host inherits everything - including your uptime history with all its details.

The alternative is that you send the probe back to us, we “refurbish” it meaning we give it a new identity and send it to someone else. In this case the new host will have no access yo the previous identity’s details.

The choice is yours - but either way, it is really nice to give the probe a new life!

Great. Which postal address should I use?

  • The Amsterdam office postal address from your website?
  • The PO Box 258 address on the original envelope?

Btw: Sorry for hiding the device for so long.

I think it’s better to use the office address, and sub-address to the “RIPE Atlas team”