ISP Outages and connectivity comparisons

I just registered an Atlas probe on Starlink. One of the use cases I would find useful would be to search and compare stats with other Starlink probes - outages, packet loss, latency, etc.

Is there an easy way to do this? I can search for probes with the same ASN, but I don’t see a dashboard or way to quickly compare statistics. This would make it easy to determine if an issue only affected my location, the nearby area, etc.

I think such a capability would be very useful in isolating issues.

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Super interesting. They started offering their service in Croatia and I think it could be very interesting to see how does it compare to traditional services in practices across different areas (most providers are doing terrible work outside of big and easy to cover urban areas).

Hi @Reg,

Maybe search for probes using tags? This probe, for instance:

has a Starlink tag. The AS number can also be used.

Hope this helps somewhat.