Mapping the RIPE NCC Service Region

With our service region reaching all the way from Greenland to Vladivostok, it’s not an easy area to represent in one go. The standard map of the world for example grossly overstates the size of Greenland and other parts of the Arctic. To help get a better view for presentations and reports we produce, we’ve been exploring different map projections. What do you think? Any preferences?


Have you considered the AutaGraph approach?【作品解説】記事01/?lang=en

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Very cool! As someone who uses RIPE NCC service region maps with some regularity, I’m gonna vote for Transverse Mercator - nice, square format, not too much distortion of the familiar shapes… and it could be a dancing puppy, if you squint!

…and of course, any reasons to revisit this clip! Why are we changing maps? (from The West Wing) - YouTube


“You can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“Coz it’s freaking me out!”

Thanks for your suggestion! That’s an interesting way to project the entire globe onto a two dimensional surface. However, I do not think it works well for a map that only shows countries in the RIPE NCC service region. The Eastern half of Russia is distorted significantly in North-South direction and without North America, there will be a lot of empty space between Russia and Greenland.


Shouldn’t the projection used be related to the function of the map? Why have just one? Why not use the projection that is most appropriate for a particular purpose?

Refer to the user manual or documentation specific to the updated version of ZEN. Look for any changes in the video saving options or any new features that allow you to save combined videos from different blocks. The documentation should provide detailed instructions on how to configure the settings accordingly. I tried to find out the documentation for you but I didn’t find.
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