LIR Abuse - Some help needed

I really have no idea where to put this so I put it into uncategorized.

I’ve recently encountered a LIR (as well as their ASNS) engaging in illegal activity (Namely, selling servers and IPs both spoofed and not for the specific reason of DDoS).

I sent an email to RIPE and I handily got the “We are not an internet service provider please report to…” however I’m not sure what I should do. What is the LIR and ASNs engaged in the illegal activity gonna do? Punish themselves?

Any suggestions?

If you think you have witnessed a crime, you should probably report it to the police.

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They’re utterly useless on the subject, I’m 99% sure most law enforcement agencies don’t even know what IP spoofing is. Apart from that, its hosted in a country known for its not so great cyber related law enforcement (france)

I know it can be hard to get past the person on the front desk to speak with a specialist. I expect that most police services now have specialist team for crimes that involve the Internet. It could be that most are not large enough to properly investigate the number of reports they’d get if reporting were easier.

The RIPE NCC cannot investigate crimes. It’s not a police service.

But reporting crimes to the police is important because if they don’t have the reports they can’t measure the need. And if they don’t measure the need then the specialist teams won’t grow.

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There are really times when I don’t understand where the objectives of RIPE NSS are going.

I have the same situation, but in this one, I am the victim. Searching, reading, sending emails, even to two members who lead the category that made me understand the search to resolve that issue, I have not received any response.

Is it assumed that someone registered me as my representative or promoter? Because I don’t know him. Every X weeks I see changes in the analytics performed on my IP. Every X I see new people talking about the leaks of my work. I continue to see instances like CLAD that have not been restricted from publishing vs. what I have done is filtered. And now I read notes about my approaches to security, restructuring and even Push.

No offense, but what am I missing?

I’ve identified an Internet Resource Registry (IRR) issue, such as an incorrect route object or an invalid AS-SET. When I attempt to report this issue or seek assistance on the forums, I may find that the response directs me to contact the relevant Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly or to submit a formal abuse report through RIPE’s Abuse Contact Finder tool.