Even route object is deleted from Ripe, ips are still responding

I have deleted route object from ripe interface. Ips are still running. Why? How can I stop ip usage from my ripe panel? Ripe says: The deletion of a route object doesn’t automatically stop the announcement. Upstream providers are not always using the RIPE Database/Routing registry for filtering.
So we asked other network admin to delete from their routing so ip other side (ip renter) stop sending spam mails.

So if we next time rent ips, we want to be able to control / stop ip usage.

That’s not possible, “the internet” is decentralized.
You have to work with the entities announcing the prefix directly in the end.

But I can control my domain name with nameservers but not ips.
And this is really good news for spammers. They can simple rent ip from an ip marketing service and send tons of spam mails. Or do some other ugly stuff.

So how can I trust if I want to lease my ip to someone else ? There is nothing can stop them using my ips really?

Domains are centralized, routing is not.
So no, you can’t.

As upstream providers may not rely on the RIPE Database/Routing registry for filtering. To mitigate the issue, I had to reach out to other network administrators to remove the routes from their routing tables to stop the IP renter from sending spam emails. For future IP rentals, I want to have the ability to directly control or stop IP usage from the RIPE panel.

This plainly does not work. There is no technical means to stop anyone from announcing anything into the DFZ or anyone from accepting this announcement.

In your case I see only three options:

  1. Never lease IP space.
  2. Have some clauses in your contract that enforces the renter to comply to your orders of de-announcing and having severe penalties otherwise. [But I wonder who would enter into such a contract]
  3. Use RPKI (i.e. create an AS0 ROA) to make the announcements invalid – at least for a larger part of the internet who employs ROV.

Did you read the thread before posting?

Maybe I am misunderstanding but you may want to ask you network guys and girls about that if you have not understood of how routing in the internet works - I’m sure they can explain the problem with what you request to you in more detail in person than we can on a public forum here. There’s plenty of information about routing in the DFZ on the public internet, you can try to read up on it by yourself of course, too.

Bottom line, as explained multiple times in this little thread you found alone by now, what you “want” is not possible, by design of the Internet itself I may add.