Issues in Atlas J-root instance stats page

In the following page, it is shown that majority of probes (located in India) going to unknown instances of J-root node (92 out of 93 going to unknown).

If looking for j-root instances from all the probes, the following page is showing 7399 probes out of 9742 probes preferring unknown j-root instance.

I check the hostname.bind output for j-root instance from few ISPs from my location (New Delhi, India), i get the “rootns-eldel4” output.

On root servers page, it is mentioned that J root has an instance in New Delhi.

So, most probably most of the nodes mentioned as Unknown are legitimate nodes of J root. Is there a possibility of having a look at this and update the info on Atlas database accordingly.

Hi Gaurav. Yes, we can update the mapping of servers to regions. Do you know if there is a list of instances somewhere, or a description of the naming scheme? I can see that it looks very much like “rootns-el{3-letter IATA airport code}#”, but it would be nice to confirm.


Unfortunately No. Can we connect with some in Verisign OR we can go with adding the names as per “rootns-el{3-letter IATA airport code}#” naming convention to get rid of so called “Unknown” nodes.

OK, I’ll look into it and respond here when it’s fixed.

@camin Did you find a way to fix this ?