How to update Probe location?

I’ve recently installed HW probe # 60998 in the UK (GB) but its showing as NL. I cant see anywhere in Probe Management to update this. I can update location on a map but when I check on 3rd party tools like Global Traceroute the probe still shows as NL. Is there any way to manually correct it or is it done automatically by RIPE / RIR records (which are NL for this IP4 address) ?

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Hey @SimonC , I think what you’re looking for is the “Update Location” button by the map on the probe page. I see you were able to fix the location as its in the UK now but for future reference you need to go to the probes page (in your case → and click the green update button in the top right. I attached a screenshot for other users who encounter this in the future :slight_smile:

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Hi & thanks for the reply. That’s what I already did (but probably didnt explain it very well in my OP). When I clicked on Update Location (which was actually already showing the correct location in the UK) I can search for location and save but nothing changes. The only reason I noticed is finding my probe in 3rd party tool like Global Traceroute - when I filtered by country etc I could not find it. When I filtered on ASN I found my probe but noticed it shows as “None, None, NL” where I presume it should be City, State, Country Code.

I cant work out if that is something that Global Traceroute is doing or if RIPE automatically update it based on Geolocation / RIR whois records (as my probes IP is showing in as part of an NL assigned CIDR even though its routed in the UK).

Hmm if I search for my probe in RIPE Atlas it is showing a UK flag. So that suggests it is Global Traceroute deciding its in NL. I will email them and check. Not a major issue - it was more curiosity.

Hey Dear,
This is quiet simple and easy for doing this if you are unaware of it. The process for updating the location of a probe will depend on the specific type of probe and the system or platform it is used with. However, in general, the following steps may be taken:

  1. Access the system or platform that the probe is connected to.
  2. Locate the settings or configuration options for the probe.
  3. Select the option to update the location of the probe.
  4. Enter the new location information, which may include latitude and longitude coordinates or a physical address.
  5. Save the changes and verify that the updated location information has been properly applied.

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Thanks. I think I was confusing things as when looking on 3rd party site I could not find probe 60998 under Country = GB / UK but I could find it under NL. So I wondered if there was another setting I was missing as RIPE ATLAS location shows UK. I’ve emailed Global Traceroute to check why they have it under NL. Maybe thats what it showed initially and their system does not automatically update.

I raised an issue regarding an HW probe (#60998) installed in the UK (GB) but consistently reporting its location as the Netherlands (NL). Despite attempts to update the location within their probe management interface, the problem persists, causing confusion when using Global Traceroute, which still shows the probe’s location as NL. The user is seeking guidance on how to manually correct this discrepancy or if it is reliant on RIPE or RIR records, which currently list the IP4 address as NL.

Within RIPE Atlas the probe is geolocated in the UK. In the RIPE database the prefix is labelled NL, perhaps that’s why other systems prefer this.

While you mentioned not seeing a location update option, there might be a hidden setting. Double-check the probe management interface for any location update functionalities. While mentioning the issue to RIPE NCC, you can reference this forum discussion (RIPE Atlas docs | Managing Your Probe | Docs) where someone encountered a similar problem.