Filter anchor-measurement results for certain time period

Hey I am currently trying to get the pairwise latencies between Anchors using the python Sagan library and the RIPE Atlas API. So I am not doing any measurements myself using credits. This forum has already helped me tremendously in doing that.

At the moment I am accessing the results of a certain measurements by appending “/latest” to it. Like for example instead of “/api/v2/measurements/1042404/results” i will request “/api/v2/measurements/1042404/latest”. But this only gives me the 3 latest RTT for a pair. Can I somehow acquire latencies from a certain time frame with maybe even a period inbetween them?

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Hello @Mustafa_Gezer sorry, I don’t know if you checked Use & Examples — RIPE Atlas Sagan 1.2 documentation


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Hey. Yes I have. I’m currently using Sagan. The problem I have is that I don’t just want to use the latest results, but for example the results from the last week or months. If I access the results from the API just using I don’t get a result in python. Or it takes too long to finish. I’m guessing that’s because the data being parsed is too much because it is from a long time period. And since I want to do that with thousands of measurements I can’t wait for the requests to finish. That’s why I want to know if I can just get the results from the last month maybe.