Using API to get pairwise latencies from nodes?

How can I use the API from RIPE to collect latency data for a set of nodes (or all maybe)? I need the pairwise latencies. So each latency to all other nodes for a given node. Do I have to measure this myself using credits or is this kind of data already available? My understanding is that if I had to measure myself I would need to use credits. As I am a student at the Technical Universitsy of Berlin and need this dataset for my bachelor thesis could there be a possibility to not spend money?


Measuring towards probes is usually hard, mostly because many probes are behind NATs.

I suggest you look at “anchoring measurements” - where anchors are in a full mesh, pinging and tracing each other. This likely has what you’re after.

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Hello @Mustafa_Gezer I comment with some information, I hope it helps:

It is possible that the documentation web will help a little in case you did not see it before RIPE Atlas docs | REST API Manual | Docs

Latency data:
At the moment I have no data if this has been done before, and the data is up to date.
In the following link you can see information about the probes and anchors Atlas Console

In case you require credits, you do not currently have them, because you have little time to acquire them (you can generate your credits by adopting a physical or software probe or several RIPE Atlas docs | Credits | Docs) you can request donations from the community, explaining your project, I have read on the mailing list cases similar to yours, requesting donations of credits.

A good option is also to ask on the mailing list.
The ripe-atlas June 2023 Archive by thread — RIPE Network Coordination Centre there are many users who can also help you with your doubts and credit requirements for your project.


I am currently working on my research project that involves collecting latency data for a set of nodes using the RIPE API. I need to obtain pairwise latencies between nodes, which will be crucial for my analysis. I am concerned about the costs involved in conducting these measurements as they require credits. As a student at the Technical University of Berlin, budget constraints are a concern for me. I was wondering if there is any possibility of obtaining credits or any special academic initiatives from RIPE. I really value the RIPE Atlas platform and the data it provides, and it would be incredibly beneficial for my project.

If you need credits for your research, you can send a request to and we will happily help you out. You can also ask on the atlas mailing list: Many people will give you credits if you explain what it is you’re trying to do.

For measurements between probes, you can also look at IXP country jedi which has ways to do measurements between probes. It’s a good source for how to script something like this. You can find the source code here: GitHub - emileaben/ixp-country-jedi: Set of scripts to measure and analyse countries and/or IXPs using RIPE Atlas

If any probes will do then the anchoring measurements are your best bet as already suggested.

Good luck with your research,

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