Dump upload errors

Hi everyone!,

please, would you be so kind to advise:

i’m running RIPE Dump uploading, but it lasts very long. Actually, days.
Meanwhile i noted errors in the log, which are probably related to the delay.
Would you kindly have a look on the errors, may it be the cause of delay (and future malworking, crashes etc)?

Is this still an issue?
I could read in another comment that you were able to finish the dump.

Hi Miguel!,

yep, from one side i was but able to load,
but interesting - it takes about 4 days to load, and after loading it looses stability. Ant it took place twice. I’ll share the details/logs in that “original” branch then

This is probably because you are using a virtual machine that is not matching the sufficient requirements.
In my case, It took less than one day, and I don’t notice any problems.

Hi Miguel!,

yep, this seem to be 101% correct,
because i experience hang ups, and have to restart from snapshots - guess, this may harm the darta or even the system…

if possible, would you advise on what requirements would be correct choice,
getting some info from the manual, will this make a do:

8 GB swap,
160GB disk space
processor cores? else?

i’ll try to get another machine for this task, as it is very likely that the issue lies in the machine capabilities.

I think that as far as you meet the specified requirements you should be fine.
My processor is “2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9”

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While monitoring the logs, I’ve noticed recurring errors that may be linked to this extended timeframe. I’m concerned that these errors could not only be causing delays but might also lead to potential malfunctions or crashes in the future.

Hi @CalumEnnoch can you paste these errors in a reply (or upload a text file) so we can investigate further? Thanks, Ed