Probe v3 down, flash swapped

My Ripe-Atlas v3 probe has been showing down status for a little over a day. I have tried rebooting without a flash and then inserting a flash after 10 minute. I have also dd-ed /dev/zero into the flash to clear it and hopefully reallocate bad blocks. Nothing indicating a bad flash showed up in my linux systems logs so I think the flash was good. I then tried the above again with a relatively new flash. Both were identical 8 GB Sandisk USB flash, the second if which had very little use and was only written a few dozen times to install linux systems.

My probe is 35105 and shows the top and bottom light steady and the middle light flashing slowly at approximately 1 second on 1 second off (when the connectors are facing up). The DNS SOS on the probes web page correctly shows the “NO USB” status when I boot without flash and a blank notation in the SOS info section when I boot with a USB flash. Might this probe be too old for the current loaded software? Did something change at the RIPE end to cause this change?

After a few days downtime and no further intervention on my part the probe came back up. Thank you for whoever did the behind the scenes work!

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