DNS Measurement through GUI

In setting up the DNS Measurement through GUI, the “RD bit” is by default unset.
For any DNS related measurement, we will have to set “RD bit” explicitly, and even in case of measuring from Authoritative servers, set RD bit will not cause any issues.

In my opinion, we should think of setting the RD bit by default in DNS Measurement in UI with an option of unsetting it available to the user.

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We can certainly easily change defaults (with the caveat that we probably need to highlight this to avoid violating expectations).

It’s worth noting that we can, if that’s desired, set this default differently when the probe’s local resolver is queried. On the other hand such duality can be confusing? I’d be very interested in hearing others’ opinions as well.

As per my knowledge,
In the DNS Measurement GUI, the “RD bit” is currently unset by default. Since we always need to set it for DNS measurements and it doesn’t cause issues with Authoritative servers, I recommend setting the “RD bit” by default. Users should have the option to unset it if needed.
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We have just released to production an update to the Atlas UI that includes your suggestion. RD bit is now set to true by default in the UI (but to clarify, this is not the default in the API). Hope you find these changes useful.

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