DataViz - Country Indicator

We recently made this spider chart to provide an overview of the countries in our service region. Hopefully, this gives an initial idea on the country and generates some discussions.
On this one, you can see three very different countries plotted together. Germany has the most members and resources, Poland has the highest ROA coverage among the three and Saudi Arabia has the highest IPv6 capability despite the low ROA coverage.


Nice visualization @iilhan !

In the AI4NetMon project (RIPE community funded projects) we have some similar visualizations for more data (i.e., different than IPV6 %, ROA %, etc.).

We have analyzed the cases of RIPE RIS & Atlas, but our analysis could be easily applied on a per country level
You can have a look at this online tool for some interactive plots of our analysis Bias in Internet Measurement Platforms / Pavlos Sermpezis | Observable

Feel free to contact if interested


Thanks @sermpezis.pavlos ! It was a nice excuse to visit your award-winning Labs article. Although the chart is the same, the metrics you use are pretty different. I wonder how it would look on a country level, would love to see that if you ever decide to make it.