The Impact of ChatGPT

So who’s making good use of ChatGPT and the like? And who’s already come across problems with how it’s being used? There’s been a lot of talk about potential benefits and pitfalls, but what has been your experience so far if you’ve been using it? And are there specific impacts that the operator community should be thinking about?

And ICYMI: There was an interesting article from Ted Chiang in the New Yorker about it last month…

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Indeed, the article is very good, and it explains the limit of LLMs in a way which is easy to understand for computer professionals.

Apart from that, I use ChatGPT with satisfaction to:

  • Have fun, since it is often hilarious
  • Produce a very first and rough draft of unoriginal works such as the structure of a report or a business letter (specially great when the target language is not your mother tongue)
  • Give me quickly an idea of how to use a specific software tool for a task I do not know (because I’m too lazy to read the documentation, and, anyway, most documentations are great as reference once you know the tool, but not as tutorials)
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Here is what ChatGPT itself thinks it can do to help the operator community :slight_smile:

I’ve also used it a bit for fun and saving time. And for writing bedtime stories for small kids.

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Another good article. Not necessarily about ChatGPT, but about A.I. in general: There Is No A.I. | The New Yorker

And note that there will be a BoF about AI and the work of network operators at the RIPE Meeting in Rotterdam.

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ChatGPT can be used to facilitate language translation and interpretation services. It can help bridge language barriers, enabling effective communication and collaboration between individuals who speak different languages.