Structuring needs for Categories, Tags and ... (ontology)

Splitting from the main topic here
as it is more specific.

I basically agree with your arguments, however…

… IMHO gut feeling (we should all consider) per se is shaped by personal experience and for me it was different as I was-am part of many different web forums and now Discourse instances, that have hugely different dynamics, depending on both group and personal dynamics… Those packed with introverts are often very low in volume and almost no incentive for proactive shaping of forum (still useful but just not as organic in structure). Here I would offer more, knowing that people did not ask and might not proactively ask often.

This is also very subjective what is useful or not, but maybe of less relevance as no resource is ‘wasted’ if extra is done but not used.

Current state of affairs is:

  • Uncategorised|44
  • Site Feedback|1 (now I am adding extra)
  • RIPE Atlas|16
  • RIPE 85|6
  • Housekeeping|5

    IMHO the Uncategorised should be at least 80% categorised to get close to second and third best :wink: No?

Yes, we should reduce the uncategorised and give more tags. New category or new tag per topic is something I would still avoid or in the end you’ll have a situation where it is not obvious which category or tag works, and searching through an awful lot of tags can be painful. But we’ll come up with something next week and see what you think. The social category, or off-topic, or future of the Internet, ones are important to get right I feel. Something that attracts that sort of content rather than just acts as a space to put stuff without an obvious home. But in general I agree with you - me and Ulka will put some time into this.

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