On an error of the standing order for trasferring credits when the amount set if bigger than the available credits


When we use the “standing order” option to transfer credits ( RIPE Atlas - Credits), if the amount selected to be transferred in the order is above the available credits, no transfer is done at all. Example:

Threshold: 1 (If your credit balance is above this value, you will automatically start sharing the amount set below) Thus, 1 implies that you will transfer credits every day that you have at least 1 credit.
Amount: 100.000

If the budget of credits that I have if, for example, 20.000, the transfer order will not be executed.
The same happens with the manual transfer ( RIPE Atlas - Credits), although in this latter case an error message is prompted. However, in the ‘standing offer’ case, no message is triggered and it may be unnoticed by the user.

Could it be possible to set a rule like the following one?:

if selected_amount > total_credits_account
then transferred_amount = total_credits_account

And (or) notify the user.

Thank you in advance!

The transfer procedure is modelled around how real banks do it - when the transfer is due and you don’t have enough money to transfer, they don’t transfer as much as they can, instead the whole transaction fails. I think this is the more common behaviour.

However, your point about notifying the user is very valid, and it makes sense to add that!