Can't spend daily credits

As great as the RIPE atlas system are, I constantly hit the spending limits on measurement creations, even though we generate more credits a day than the daily spending limit, and already have 100x the daily spending limit in credit, as when I need measurements, it’s typically “bigger than normal”, but also only for limited periods like a week or two.

Also, the pop ups are retracting for me faster than the time to get a mouse cursor over it, and then it still doesn’t pause for me to read and comprehend the specific problem of the measurement.

The bottom “costs” also doesn’t show the return result counts, and neither does it seem to properly update when the pop-up messages appeared. Perhaps have those bottom values turn red or change background with hover/links reasons to show why the measurement would be rejected? where I can then see what needs to be changed?

Which also begs the question: can we apply/request limit increases on our accounts?

Hello! Please, if you need a higher than default spending limit, just let us know (send mail to atlas@) and we’ll adjust.

Regarding the UI behaviour: thanks for the feedback, we are happy to change behaviour if it’s not working well now. We’ll look at what you wrote above, and if needed we’ll ask more questions!