Notifications about disconnected - meaning

Is there a way to get notified when the probe loses IPv6-connection?

The way it is done at the moment isn’t satisfying me.
Just messages, no email notification.
Your probe … was automatically tagged as “system: IPv6 Doesn’t Work”
Your probe … was automatically tagged as “system: IPv6 ULA”

I think it is a failure, if my router switches from dualstack to single stack ipv4 after a reconnect.
But the atlas probe should not accept that.
Or should I disable IPv4 in general for my probes? Would be sent notifications about lost ipv6-connectivity then?


You are not getting the disconnect email because the reconnect happens within the time set for the notification. The shortest available time for the disconnect email to be sent is 10 minutes currently.

We could send a notification on every disconnect and connect but this could potentially lead to a lot of emails being sent if your probe’s connection is unstable. We might make this available though if there is enough demand for it.

Alternatively, we could send emails on tag changes but this would have even more of a delay, generally around 4 hours.

And yes, if you disable IPv4 for your probe completely, if the probe disconnects from IPv6, then after 10-30 minutes the disconnect email will be sent.

Hope this helps,
Johan ter Beest
RIPE Atlas Team

That would be a nice alternative for me. At the moment I miss notifications about the ipv6 connection failures or I see it very late.
Of course it would be better if the router tries it again, but unfortunately the router software has the same opinion about “being connected” .