How RIPE events can be better at DeGROWTH/Sustainability?

NOTE: This is #0 splinter from DeGROWTH follow-up from RIPE86 conference

I am sure talks can help raise awareness, especially if more then one and in one event, but I am also thinking that those are easy to ignore by thinking ‘pritching to the chorus’ or ‘heard that’…what could be other formats of engagement at events? Also pre and after events?

How can RIPE events incorporate principles of de-growth and sustainability into their planning and organization?

Is that reformulation a better phrasing by English native speaker? :wink:

I don’t think so that reformulation a better phrasing by English native speaker?

And another cross-linking: we could make our events more sustainable by traveling by train, instead of flying.

See the topic here: All rail roads lead to Rome, for RIPE87

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I would love to join you on a daytime train ride (unfortunatly as 202 cm tall I do not fit well in sleeping overnight trains) and make the most out of the travel. Wikipedians have done meetups that way and I wanna try one in my region and-or close by :slight_smile:
Wikipedia:Meetup/Wiki-train - Wikipedia

A follow-up on travel: art installation “Travel Less Without Loss” by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, illustrating in 3D the discrepancies between the Paris Agreement goals (yearly, 2T) and average Swiss citizen emissions (14T); and between train trips vs. flight emissions.

They also say: "I believe that as scientists, and as members of an academic institution like EPFL more generally, we have a civic duty to sound the public alarm.”

This sounds very similar to my own experience: “Changing our travel practices is anything but child’s play. It involves making hard, carefully considered choices. The idea isn’t simply to give up traveling altogether, which can have serious repercussions for a person’s academic career. Instead, it’s about combining trips, deciding not to travel when we don’t need to, taking the train when possible,”… since I did not take any flights since end-2018.

Exhibition web site: Exhibition on the carbon footprint of air travel ‒ MOBILITY ‐ EPFL

I also wrote about this in RIPE Labs article: Computing Within Limits 2023 | RIPE Labs